Query Builder, CRM Demo, Custom Method Invoke And Blazor SSRSViewer + DataList (1)
Radzen August, 2018 Updates - Export to Excel and CSV, GoogleMap component, DataGrid column footer templates, Stored Procedures with Output parameters and more! (1)
Radzen July, 2018 Updates - New application themes and page templates, DataGrid lookup popup picker, SQL Server Windows authentication and LocalDB support and more! (1)
Radzen April, 2018 Updates - Progressive Web Apps support, password reset for application security, SplitButton component and more! (1)
Radzen March, 2018 Updates - .NET Core 2.x support, run Radzen applications seamlessly from Visual Studio and more! (1)
Radzen February, 2018 Updates - Angular 5, Google and Facebook OAuth, Steps (wizard) and PickList, Radzen 100th release by the numbers and more! (1)
Incoming change in the way dialogs work in Radzen (1)
Radzen January, 2018 Updates - Built-in car rental sample app, PostgreSQL support, new UI for event handling, New Data and New Page dialogs and more! (1)
Radzen September, 2017 Updates (9)
Radzen 20% End Of The Year Discount And December, 2017 Newsletter (1)
Radzen November, 2017 Updates - Angular Internationalization (i18n), 14 new components, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services support and more! (1)
Radzen October, 2017 Updates - Azure Active Directory authentication, Microsoft Graph support, Autocomplete component and more! (1)
Radzen August, 2017 Updates (1)
Radzen July, 2017 Updates (1)
Radzen June, 2017 Updates (1)
Radzen 1.1 released! (1)
Radzen 1.0 is here! (1)