Radzen July, 2018 Updates - New application themes and page templates, DataGrid lookup popup picker, SQL Server Windows authentication and LocalDB support and more!

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the July, 2018 issue of the Radzen monthly newsletter!

This month we've added a great list of new features to the recently released Radzen 2.0! Download the latest bits now, no credit card or registration required!

New Default and Dark application themes

SQL Server Windows authentication and LocalDB support

Built-in CRUD templates for your master/detail data

Built-in Form lookup popup picker with ability to page, sort and filter your lookup data

Check here also to find out how Radzen can help you if you are ASP.NET WebForms developer.

If you have any questions, need help or want to share your feedback with us post on our forum or shoot an email at info@radzen.com.

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