The application window crashes


I am currently using Version 2.43.9 When I open the application it crashes from time to time with:

A fail fast Exception occurred. Exception handlers will not be invoked and the process will be terminated immediately.

There is a version 2.44.7 but it will not install. It seems the error is generated when it tries to check for updates. When I un-check the check for update option the error seems to take longer to occur.

Please fix the version 2.44.7 install issue. This is critical can get some help with this issue.

Angel Bermudez

More info: The application window keeps crashing

Symantec seems to think your file is a virus or dangerous to the system. so it wont install with out intervention.

This is probably because we updated our code signing certificate in the latest Radzen version. The old one was about to expire (they have a one year duration).

The recent Radzen versions (2.44.7 and 2.44.8) may also crash during autoupdate. We will hopefully address that with 2.44.9. You will need to manually download it though. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Here is the full wrap up:

  1. We released Radzen 2.44.7 on April 1st 2020. One of the changes was that we updated the code signing certificate. That certificate is used by Windows to verify the publisher of an application (it is a security feature).
  2. Unfortunately earlier versions of Radzen failed to update to 2.44.7 because of the updated certificate and crashed attempting to do so. We instructed people to manually download and install 2.44.7.
  3. Today (April 2nd) we released Radzen 2.44.8 and immediately found out that 2.44.7 fails to autoupdate as well. So will 2.44.8 by the way.
  4. To address the autoupdate issue we have just released 2.44.9. You still need to download it from our web site and install it. Hopefully this problem is solved for good.
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Version 2.44.9 seems like to solve the problem with the coremessaging problem.
Perhaps it would be good to notify subscribers to inform about this issue , the issue was discovered by me after updating Windows ( version 1909) and was blaming this update for the crassches .

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Sorry to report but it 2.44.9 keeps crashing, particularly when I stop running

This is probably a different problem. The Radzen log file will tell more.

So I followed the instruction and it is working now. Thanks.

Hi ,

Has this issue returned with version [2.82.10- 2023-01-03] ?

Disabling "Check for updates" Stops Radzen from crashing., anyone else experiencing this ?


Yes happening for me

There are no updates from our side of certificates or something similar.

There is a chance the licensing API had some hickups yesterday. Today it seems fine.

Just enabled the "check for updates" and now it does not close the application.

Can't you fix this issue ? It takes some time before realizing the application is closing because of this.
or display a message that update check has failed ..


This is something we are currently working on as a part of a bigger task.

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