Material theme, Oracle data source, Blazor Scheduler component and Security for WebAssembly

Hey folks,

We have prepared a great list of new features for you last month!

Material theme

We created a brand new Material theme which is available to Radzen Professional and Enterprise. It is the first of the so called premium themes which we plan to extend in the future.

Scheduler component for Blazor

The powerful scheduler component joined our FREE native Blazor components.

Oracle data source for Blazor and Angular .NET Core 3.x

Oracle support was added for .NET Core 3.x Angular and Blazor applications.

Security for Blazor WebAssembly applications

Support for security with ASP.NET Core Identity was added to Blazor WebAssembly applications.

Global application properties for Blazor

Application wide properties added for Blazor applications.

Bonus: Windows authentication and built-in multi-tenancy is in the works!

We are working on yet another set of great features for Radzen - Windows Authentication for Angular and Blazor applications and built-in multi-tenancy support. Stay tuned!

Download Radzen now and check the roadmap to find out what's next.

Stay safe!

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