Query Builder, CRM Demo, Custom Method Invoke And Blazor SSRSViewer + DataList

Hi folks,

The new year has just begun and we have great list with Radzen updates for you!

Real world CRM application made with Radzen
We are working on a CRM demo application showing the power of Radzen and lowcode. Full tutorial and running version of the application is coming soon!

Design-time Query builder
Build visually filter and sort expressions and query MS SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL data sources.

DataList and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services viewer for our Blazor support
We've added two important components to our growing FREE Blazor suite.

Custom method invoke
Out-of-the-box support for methods with custom business logic via the Invoke custom method action type.

Security for multitenant web applications with ASP.NET Core
Enabling security per tenant for the multitenant web applications got easier.

Confirm to delete for CRUD templates and simplified DataGrid binding
Auto-generated pages from CRUD templates are now more powerful with simplified DataGrid binding using LoadData event. Confirm to delete dialog is enabled by default.

If you have any questions, need help or want to share your feedback with us post on our forum or shoot an email at info@radzen.com.

the Radzen team

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