Radzen June, 2017 Updates

29, June, 2017

Dear Reader,

This is the first issue of the Radzen monthly newsletter!

It would keep you informed about the latest Radzen updates - new features, interesting resources and success stories.

Major new features that shipped in June:

  • Swagger (OpenAPI) data sources support. Radzen can now connect to a REST service which has a Swagger definition. 
  • MySQL Database support. Radzen exposes your MySQL databases as OData services with full CRUD support.
  • Deployment to IIS. Your application is automatically built in production mode and deployed.
  • FTP deployment. Radzen can deploy your production builds to any FTP server including Azure.
Other news:
  • The Radzen forum went live! You are welcome to drop by and participate in the discussions.
  • We announced the Radzen short-term roadmap (some items have already shipped). You can expect major improvement in the design-time experience.
Get the latest bits for Windows, macOS or Linux (32bit and 64bit).

If you have questions or need help or you want to share your feedback with us you can post on our forum, report an issue or shoot an email at info@radzen.com.

Warm Regards,
The Radzen Team