Unable to open page with parameters from menu or panel menu

Hello Radzen team!
I need to open a page that has parameters from the menu and the panel menu.
I can select the page normally in the Path option, but there's no options for parameters.
In runtime, when the menu is clicked, it throws the "Cannot match any routes" as expected.
Is there a workarround?

Hi @pbotas,

Yes, you need to add the parameter as it is mandatory. Here is how to do that.

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Yes, it works, I ended up doing just that. However, if I want to open the page with empty parameters it doesn't work. If I use a normal button and pass empty strings on each parameter it works, and the generated url ends with two backslashes (two parameters). If I then try to use that same route url on the menu, it doesn't work ("Cannot match any routes.")... weird. Do you know what method does the button call to navigate to a page with empty parameters without error?

The button works by accident. Parameters are mandatory and should not be omitted.

Works by accident?? What do you mean by that?

Here's the use case:
There's a page used to search records, and it receives a parameter for the search text. If the search text parameter is empty, it shows all records, if not, it filters the records using that search text parameter. What do you recommend?