Menu Component with 2 entries for the same page

Hello Radzen team,
I have 2 menu items "A" and "B" and both have page @page "/artikel-katalog" as path. I set global parameters to 1 for A and 2 for B. But it seems that the menu wont open a page that is already open. Means... pressing "A"... opening page @page "/artikel-katalog". Pressing "B"... nothing happens.
Ok... so i tried this solution. But then i get this error on both "A" and "B". Because the page has no parameter. But i cant define a parameter at he page. Only at the caller of the page. But the only caller is the Menu.


How can i get this to work?


I don't understand anything :slight_smile:

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Hi @korchev,
sure... :joy:

I have made a video:

At least i want to call the same page from two different menu items.


You better send us a sample project to ... Still not sure what you are trying to do.

Hi @korchev,
I send my project :wink: