Manage page url parameters

Hi, for my application should be very useful manage page url parameters in path of navigation items, but if I use these I have this wrong behavoir when try to open the item:

Indeed the Angular router will complain when it sees unknown routes (URLS with parameters that are not known). Is this page part of the Radzen application? If not you can try using a full URL: http://server/page?params.

Hi, excuse me for delay my reply.

The page that need parameters is part of Radzen application. Do it is possible modify the Angular router so to manage the presence of the parameters?
With page parameters should be possible to reuse a same page for different entities, without necessity to create more copy of it. This reduce the development and maintanace effort of the application software.

You just add parameters in when opening the page via Navigate to page or Open dialog actions.

Then you can get the parameters via ${parameters.paramName}. Radzen relies on that when generating CRUD pages (for the Edit page).

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Thanks Atanas,
Do is possible that the feature that you have explained for Navigate to page or Open dialog actions is available for navigation items of the panel menu also?

@korchev Have you done something to handle this? If not, is there a workaround to make this work

Check my reply here.

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