Evaluating Radzen


I am evaluating Radzen, and so far it seems to fit the bill for me and my next projects.

I have a couple of question before I pull the trigger though:

1 - Is it possible to integrate third party javascript libs like Fullcalendar with timeline view?

2 - What do people using radzen use for reporting, creating invoices etc.


Hi @westereng,

  1. Yes, it is possible to integrate any third party component. Include the required JS files and either use the Custom Component or HTML to embed the required markup. Here are two forum threads that show how to do that:
  2. You can use any .NET Core compatible reporting solution. Radzen has a built-in viewer for SSRS. Others have used fast reports: Creating reports - #8 by keter83

Great, thank you. This seems very good, and the 3.0 roadmap looks very promissing :slight_smile:

just subscribed, I can use the Radzen ide on multiple computers?
Planning to use it at the office and at home.

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Hi @westereng,

Yes, you can install Radzen on multiple computers.