DataGrid - Column Resize etc

I found this older forum entry referencing an AllowColumnResize property. Does something like this exist in the Blazor component? Currently my columns don't seem to auto-resize based on content but are of equal width unless I manually define a width per column.

Hi @flipswitchingmonkey,

Column resizing isn't implemented in the Radzen Blazor DataGrid component yet.

Is this on the Roadmap? Can I alternatively have the columns auto-size to the max content (and scroll horizontally?

Not on the roadmap yet. There isn't an option to auto-size the the columns.

Is there any alternative here? Some string fields don't fit in the grid, and they don't appear to be user-resizable or automatically resizing.

How about setting the wrapping in the cell?

Is there anywhere we can vote for what new functionality we want? Automatic resizing would make most grids look so much better.