This is the Radzen Community forum. Although the Radzen team is closely monitoring all threads a response is not guaranteed. We provide dedicated support with guaranteed response times via the Radzen Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.

How to ask a question

The following tips will facilitate the community members to answer your question:

  1. Search the forum before starting a thread. There is a good chance you will find a similar question that was already answered.
  2. Start a topic in the right category. If you are using Radzen (the RAD tool) use either Radzen for Blazor or Radzen for Angular. If you use the Radzen.Blazor component library then start a thread in the Blazor Components category.
  3. Provide as many details as possible. Screenshots, videos and code snippets do miracles and help us understand the problem at hand.
  4. Format your code snippets. This forum supports Markdown - similar to StackOverflow which you you may have already used.
  5. Do not demand answers. Instead see if you can improve your question - by providing a replication, adding more screenshots or just wording it better.
  6. Avoid duplicate threads. Instead refine your existing one.

This is a Civilized Place for Public Discussion

Please treat this discussion forum and all participants with respect. Using profanities or attacking other members is not tolerated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now a list of things that new community members often ask.

Are the Radzen Blazor components open source

The Radzen Blazor components are not open source at the moment.

Can I use the Radzen Blazor components in a commercial application

Yes you can! Just make sure you check the license.

Is there a monthly subscription plan

Radzen Professional and Enterprise subscriptions are annual only.

Does the Radzen team offer consulting services

The Radzen team does not offer consulting services. You can open a thread in the Jobs category - there are members of the community who will help you gladly.

I have a subscription but my forum account isn't listed as a subscriber

Associating a forum account with a Radzen subscription is done by the Radzen team. Send us an email to and specify the forum account name and the email the subscription was purchased with.

Why is my question not answered

Check How to ask a question for helpful tips that will improve your post and increase the chance of getting an answer.