Horizontal Scrolling - Datagrid

Can I enable horizontal scrolling in the Datagrid? Is how is it done.

I think I have found part of the solution. I need to expand the columns. I would like the column width to show the column titles is there a way to do that globally?

Horizontal scrolling works for me in the datagrids. You need to check the option to AllowColumnResize

Apart from enabling column resizing you can set the ColumnWidth property of the DataGrid. By default it is set to auto which means that columns will stretch to accommodate their content. When you set the ColumnWidth property to some pixel value e.g. 200px all columns will be 200px wide and the DataGrid will scroll horizontally if the space isn't enough. You can also set the Width of individual columns.

Thanks for the information. Very helpful. I have lots of small things to learn.