When displaying a dialog I get a ghost of the dialog to the right of the main dialog

On any page that I am opening a dialog I get a second ghost version of the dialog off to the right of the open dialog.
I am opening the dialog with the following code:

 protected void OnClick(string test)
        dialogService.Open<DialogNoteAdd>($"Add Note",
             new DialogOptions() { Width = "700px", Height = "400px" });

This happens with all the dialogs I open throughout the site.

This is strange indeed - I have never seen this before. Could it be the same dialog that is opened twice?Does the ghost disappear if you close the dialog?

It does disappear when the first is closed.
I don't believe that it is being opened twice, not intentionally anyway.
It seems to be tied to browser width in some way. i.e. If I narrow the browser it gets closer to the actual dialog and the ghost itself gets wider. If I stretch the browser window wider the ghost moves more and more to the right and will disappear off screen if I stretch the browser wide enough (multi monitors)

Can you reproduce this problem on our online demo? We haven't seen anything like this before and I don't recall that anybody has ever reported it.

In the online demo it does not happen. So it must be something in how I am using the component.
The code that I am using is for the most part copy/paste from the online demo.