Tabbable form entry

Hello Community!

I wanted to ask if there are plans in the future or if there may be something that i have missed in regards to the tabbing experience with some of the components, specifically Dropdowns and DatePickers time only.

I have an application where all the form entry is desired to be done from the keyboard and at this time when you tab to a dropdown or a datepicker time only, the field is highlighted, however you cannot use the arrow keys to traverse the dropdown or type in time on the picker.

Is there additional setup that i have missed in order to make this possible or is this functionality not available? I found an article on the forums discussing a similar topic which mentioned this may be a future item and wasnt sure if it had been completed (

Thanks in advance!!

This functionality is not yet available.


Thank you for the response! Do you know if there is an expected release date for this functionality?


We haven't planned this feature yet so no - there is no expected release date.

Hi -
I was wondering if you have any updates? Do you know when you will support tabindex?