Tabbable Dropdowns

Right now I am working on a dialog for creating a new instance of an object.
So far so good, all working as desired. However, my form has 6 dropdown fields.
These fields dont seem to be tabbable (jump to next with tab) or typable without opening.
Am I right this is not possible for anything but textfields or numeric values? (Thus dropdowns, selects, etc)
Would this be possible in the near future?

Hi @MartijnWoudstra,

You are right, not possible at the moment and we will do our best to improve this in some of the future versions.

Best Regards,

Hi @enchev,
I have the same problem here.
Is there an ETA for Improvement?

Kind Regards

Oops... sorry. I saw that i have asked it here


Radzen 2.53.0. Tabbing in DropDown works.
Thank you radzen team!