Stored procedure loaded DataGrid

Probably missing something simple, have a DataGrid bound to a stored procedure, but adding/deleting new items does not refresh the data in the grid.

Have to navigate away, then back and then the data changes are shown.

Where is the best place(s) to ensure the DataGrid gets reloaded after add/edit/delete?


You are not missing anything - auto-refresh in this case is not supported. You can call load() method of the DataGrid to get latest data.

Can you provide an example of how that works, what the code looks like?
So In the RowSelect event, it opens the edit dialog. Do I 'Execute Code' in the 'Then' event to refresh the DataGrid?

Found an example here:

You have to execute: setTimeout(()=> {this.grid0.load();}, 0) in the Then even of the Open Dialog method.
The setTimeout() is to avoid the error:

Cannot read property 'load' of undefined.

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