Datagrid and custom methods refresh


I have used a custom method to load joined data to a datagrid, and I have added the delete, edit and add methods like in regular CRUD pages. The issue that I have, is that when I edit a record, everything works fine except that I have to reload the page to see the edited values on the grid.

The same happens when adding (can't see the added record in the grid until I refresh).

How can I get the grid working as it was a regular crud page (as if it was using a data source method)?


Hi @fjcf,

You should use the Execute Code action and invoke this.grid0.load() in the Then event of Open Dialog action. Something like this:


Thanks for your response.

The issue with this.grid0.load() is that the datagrid is fully reset, it is not the same with a regular CRUD page. Is it the only way?. Also, I see that paging, sorting and filtering are not working. What am I missing?

Best regards

The other solution is to update the page property which the DataGrid is bound to. Not sure why paging and sorting don't work - check for any errors (JS or server-side).