SSRSViewer look weird

Hello Radzen Team,
i implemented a ssrsviewer control in a page. with proxy because i must authenticate at the reportserver.

public partial class ReportController
partial void OnHttpClientHandlerCreate(ref HttpClientHandler handler)
handler.UseDefaultCredentials = true;
handler.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("XXX", "XXX");

Reportserver property:
Reportname property: TrentReports/Artikel

After starting the app and navigating to the page with the ssrsviewer control it looks like this:

Can you help me to solve this problem?

Kind Regards

as i see there are some error messages in chrome:

I am getting the exact same thing.

Not sure what can cause this. Here is what I've tested locally:

@ADefWebserver The ReportController is part of the generated code. You can easily debug it and try with and without UseProxy.

My experience is exactly what is described in this thread:

  1. I have a remove server with a password protected report
  2. It works if I do not check the UseProxy box. When the page loads, a box pops up and asks you to log in. When you do the report displays fine.
  3. When I try to pass the password to display the report using the handler, the page its self works, but the assets of the Report viewer control don't load:

Why aren't they working though? What is the server response? What is the difference in the URL between UseProxy=true and UseProxy=false. We can't really help with troubleshooting as we cannot reproduce such an issue at our side.

This may help. When I debug it, when trying to click the Show Report button:

I see:

That code produces this url that is not working:

https://{{MY SERVER}}/Reports/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?%2freports%2fFYIS_Transcipt&rs%3aCommand=Render&rs%3aEmbed=true

However, this is the proper URL that works:

https://{{MY SERVER}}/ReportServer/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?%2fReports%2fFYIS_Transcipt&rs:Command=Render

So I put in this custom code that gets past that error:

However, it breaks later in the code (because I assume that replace would have to be put in many other places)

What is your version of SSRS?


I have newer:

Can you access normally in your browser the following url?


Yes, but (because it was not in your example), I would need the [REPORT_PATH]properly put in:

Also, the code is currently writing:

So it is putting in the [REPORT_PATH] properly, but going to:
not the proper:

Can you try to upgrade to SSRS 2017 if possible?

Sorry that is not possible in my situation :frowning:

My biggest fear is that even if I downgrade my SSRS and find a way to fix it to work for versions prior to 2017 it might stop working for newer versions of the SQL Server Reporting Services.

I understand. If I get a chance to try it on a newer version of SSRS I will let you know :slight_smile:

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Hi enchev,
i have the same version (slightly newer) like you and the same problem as @ADefWebserver

in browser works fine after authentication


I’m unable to reproduce the issue and that is why I cannot tell what’s causing it. The code of controller is part of the application provided for free and can be debugged.

@enchev I got access to a 2017 SSRS that is the exact same version of @ThomasS and my screen looks exactly like his. I zipped up the project and sent it to you as a private message. Hopefully that will help.

Hi @ADefWebserver most probably your project will work on my setup still I’ll try it tomorrow.

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