Sidebar error message

Hello everyone,

I'm currently making a layout for an application that cointains a header, body, footer and two sidebars. However, when I implement the second sidebar, the first sidebars gets an error message (see picture).

Al my positionings are absolute.

Can anybody tell me where this error comes from?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ChrisI,

We will check what’s causing the error and we will provide fix in the next update early next week. Honestly we’ve never seen application with two sidebar components before.

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@ChrisI why do you need two sidebars? Can't you put all the content in the same sidebar? The header, footer, sidebar and body components are most commonly used once per layout.

@korchev, I'm trying to recreate a standard layout that we use here. The standard looks a lot like this:


Just be aware of this: Content container cloning grid box - Blazor does not support multiple placeholders at the moment.

@korchev Thanks! This is clarifying. I'll try to fix this with other components for now.

@korchev I do have another question however. How is Radzen handling screen size? I'm trying to create a layout with a resolution of 1920 * 1200 but some of my layout components aren't filling to the edge (see picture).

I'm trying to automatically fill the browser width with the pink rectangle but I cant find a way to do this.

There is this option "VerticalAlign" but there isn't an option called "HorizontalAlign".

Radzen doesn't do anything to handle screen size. When you are using absolute positioning you should take care of this yourself.

BTW absolute positioning isn't recommended for general web page layout. It doesn't adapt when the browser window is resized or a user with different screen resolution views the page.

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It just hit me that the default Main layout of Radzen already supports what you are after (sans the second sidebar). Why not start from it and remove the things you don't need?

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