Select node in Tree component


is it possible from Blazor code to invoke selection of particular node in the tree?

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Hi @cyfran,

No public method for this at the moment however we will expose such in the future.

has this already been implemented?


wondering the same thing -- this would be really helpful

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Check here: RadzenTree questions

wow thanks for quick reply. I'm not sure this is what I'm asking though .... I want to select a node in the tree from outside the component, as opposed to responding to the selection within the tree

To clarify a bit what I'm trying to do, I made a little vid!AvguHRnyJtWMme5FRl7sXJa4iXJYYg?e=rZzxtZ

Imperative API for node selection won't be available. You can still use the linked article to select a node - use a property to track the current node value and return true:

<RadzenTreeLevel Selected=@(item => ((MyClass)item).Value == valueToSelect) />

Thank you Atanas for the reply, but I'm unclear what you're saying. I understand when you say there won't be any imperative API available to select a node. But it sounds like you're saying there's a workaround the accomplishes this via this Selected callback. But it looks to me like that callback gets the selected node, but does not set it.