Security, do not override on re-scaffold

Could you please consider not overriding the security when pages are rescaffolded?

In my case I have over 500 pages. If I re scaffold everything, all pages show as changed with no security.

I have to re run Security to get it back the way it was.

same for these setting, would be great to remember last settings

I made 4 topics today to keep things distinct, but they are all related.

Here is what I am doing often:

  1. re scaffold all entities pages basic CRUD
  2. re scaffold select entities Master/Detail Hierarchy
  3. re running security

all my suggestions are to make those 3 steps as fast as possible.

Hi @Chad,

Maybe indeed it will be better to summarise all your posts here - in short you want all scaffolding wizards to remember last selected settings. Indeed this is not supported at the moment however we will consider it for one of our future releases.

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what is different about this topic is not taking off the security when re-scaffolded

When there is a security defined you will always get Authorize attribute for pages.

right, but if I re scaffold all pages, the security goes away and I have to re run the security.

This should happen out of the box (not removing @attribute [Authorize] after rescaffolding). We will see if we can implement that with one of the next releases.


not quite in 1.9, but thank you for working on it.

not a big deal, just giving feedback

unfortunately it is worse because when I re run security it doesn't fix itself anymore.

can you back out what was done?

is there a way to go back to the prior version?

stand by... let me try/understand something with source control

We don't revert features. If you believe you have found an issue report it so we can reproduce it and fix it.

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if you re-scaffold an application that has security, this is deleted.

Yes, this will be deleted indeed. Our fix only applies for the Authorize attribute. We will probably include the SecurityService as well.

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when do you think this might make a release? 1.9.2 has a bug, so now I have an extra step because of the bug.

would be great if I could re scaffold without having to re run security...

Once you remove the line as I suggested you in your other thread the wrong code will be not added even if you re-scaffold the security.

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We decided to make the change more robust - new pages or existing pages to include the Authorize attribute and SecurityService if the application has security enabled (behind an option but enabled by default). It would require extensive testing to be sure existing apps do not break.


works great with 1.9.4, thank you.