RadzenLink open new tab with data IP

Hello Radzen Team!

I'm trying to open a new tab using the Link component and a row data IP. Here's how it looks:

Now because of the problems mentioned in my other thread, I receive this error when loading the page:

Seems that it's a parsing error because the IP contain spaces, invalid characters. Then I try to do this:

Unfortunately current formatting messes the method up:

Path="@($"http:// + {globalModelsController.ip.Replace{" ",""}}")"

Many problems, but I think everything can be solved with some sort of tweak in the mask component.

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Hi @kim,

Maybe instead replace of whitespace you can use Trim().
UPDATE: Yep, the generated code is not valid. We will do our best to provide fix with our release later today.

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Trim() won't do any good here, as it only removes leading and trailing occurrences of characters.

I'll wait for the release, thanks a lot!

UPDATE: however, from the other thread by doing what you suggested, this problem also went away after I changed the Path to:


My error there was the plus sign between the protocol and the address.

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