RadzenGrid, RadzenGridColumn

Dear Radzen Team,
I would like to use the colspan, rowspan provided formattings in the RadzenGrid tables.
Are there any ways to use them, please?
In the meantime, I had another request.
How can I change RadzenGrid messages to another language? (notification messages or the texts in the date filtering dialogue)

Hi @hatvanis,

Check the conditional template demo.

There is a property for every message. In addition check Radzen's Blazor internationalization help article.

Dear @korchev,
I try to understand your answer but not too much successes.

  1. As I see I can set the content properties in the cell but not the cell's.
  2. I use only Radzen Blazor components and not the application.
    I do not have resource file in my VS project. How can I set the cell's properties, please? Can you show me an example, please?
    Sorry for the confusion.

I am afraid I don't understand what you mean. Our example shows how to set attributes of cells and rows.

void RowRender(RowRenderEventArgs<OrderDetail> args)
   args.Attributes.Add("style", $"font-weight: {(args.Data.Quantity > 20 ? "bold" : "normal")};");

void CellRender(CellRenderEventArgs<OrderDetail> args)
    if (args.Column.Property == "Quantity")
        args.Attributes.Add("style", $"background-color: {(args.Data.Quantity > 20 ? "#ff6d41" : "white")};");

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I did not notice these lines (RowRender, CellRender), sorrY.
And I try to solve the second one.
Thank you! :slight_smile: