RadzenGrid Locale

How do I change the RadzenGrid to french?
I see I can add my own text like ApplyFilterText="", but how to I change the RadzenGridColumn Format="date-time" to french?

Check this thread for more info:

This thread didn't help. I'm not using a DatePicker directly, I'm using DataGrid with a Format="date-time".
When I set the culture to fr-CA, the month is still March instead of Mars.
CultureInfo.CurrentCulture = culture;
CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture = culture;

So you don't support fr-CA?

Also, I'm using Blazor Client, not blazor server. How do I set up my program.cs?

It seems that you did not tried anything from my first reply - you might need to recheck it.

Here's what I have. I'm using "Radzen.Blazor" Version="3.1.7"

Here's my RadzenGrid definition