RadzenGrid (Blazor) scroll to row

How to navigate to a table row to make it visible? in js exist element.scrollIntoView(scrollIntoViewOptions); but how find element by index or item of data list? Technically, this issue is being solved, but it seems too difficult. Is there an easy way?

There is no built-in API for scrolling to a particular row or finding an element by data item.

some solution:

function radzen_grid_scroll_to_item(index) {
    if (index % 2 == 0) 
        var element_class = "rz-datatable-even";
        var element_class = "rz-datatable-odd";
    var element = document.getElementsByClassName(element_class)[index/2];
    if (element) element.scrollIntoView({ block: "center" });
JS.InvokeVoidAsync("radzen_grid_scroll_to_item", index);

made small corrections