DataGrid Select/Expand Row Position

I'm using the Radzen DataGrid and in my scenario, I have hundreds of items in my grid. I have a feature where my user is able to click something on another part of the page and it should scroll to that related item in the grid and select it.

I'm using the SelectRow & ExpandRow hoping that it would automatically scroll to that item, but it doesn't seem to do that. Is that not a part of that method? If not, is there anything I can do to handle this? The ExpandRow indeed expands the row, but the user has to scroll and randomly try to find that one row. If I need to provide examples, I can.

Thanks for the quick response. Is there any solution that you've seen/know of that you'd recommend?

There is a solution in the linked thread.

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Early morning! Hah, thanks so much @enchev!