RadzenDialog dragging problem

I'm having odd problems with RadzenDialog dragging capabilities. When I open a page as a dialog (DailogService.OpenAsync) with Resizable and Draggable dialog options, initially the popup can't be dragged. If I resize it then dragging works, but if I start to drag it faster at some point the popup gets stuck to the mouse pointer and doesn't stop to drag when the mouse button is released.
It seems these dragging problems are related to the razor component that is rendered in the popup dialog, because with simpler ones dragging works as expected. Also on your demo page no such problems, but I'll appreciate any help if some one has an Idea what could be causing the described behavior!
Here is the code of such razor componen, shown in dialog:

<RadzenTemplateForm Data="@ReportingDateData">
    <div class="border-bottom pb-2" style="line-height: 2.5rem; display: flex; align-items: center">
        <RadzenLabel Text="@CommonLocalizer["System date:"]" />
        <RadzenDatePicker @bind-Value=ReportingDateData.SystemDate DateFormat="d" Style="width: 10rem; margin-left: 3px"/>
        <ValidationMessage For="@(() => ReportingDateData.SystemDate)" />
        <RadzenLabel Text="@CommonLocalizer["Source:"]" Style="margin-left: 15px" />
        <RadzenDropDown TValue="SourceType" Data="SourceTypes" @bind-Value="ReportingDateData.SourceType" Style="width: 10rem; margin-left: 3px"/>
    <div class="text-center mt-3">
        <RadzenButton ButtonType="ButtonType.Submit" Text="OK" Icon="done" Style="width: 7rem; padding: 0"
                      Click="@((args) => Close(true))" @ref="okButton" />
        <RadzenButton ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Secondary" Text="@CommonLocalizer["Cancel"]" Icon="cancel" Style="margin-left: 10px; width: 7rem; padding: 0" 
                      Click="@((args) => Close(false))" />

I searched for similar problems in the forum but didn't find any thing helpful...