Radzen Tooltip with dynamic text inside RadzenDataList

Hello Team,

We are using Radzen 2.14.1 and using the tooltip. Tooltip is working great however we need your input on the following:

  1. Tooltip is not working on RadzenRadioButtonListItem inside RadzenRadioButtonList.
  2. Do we have any way to dynamically provide the tooltip text from property. For example we have RadzenDataList inside that we have RadzenCheckBox on which we want to provide Razden tooltip and tooltip text will be different for each row item from on @Data property value.

Your input is really appreciated. Thanks.

Neeraj Jain

Did you get chance to review? Any Feedback?

Hi @neeraj,

Welcome to the Radzen community! Make sure to check the forum FAQ to get the best experience.

Indeed the tooltip won't work with "items". It works with components only.

You can provide any text for the tooltip content. It is a parameter of the Open method of the TooltipService.