Radzen Tabs Wrapping


My tabs are working fine with desktop-sized window sizes where there is sufficient space for all 6 tabs to be visible. Tabs are also usable at smaller desktop screen sizes where the nav menu appears to the left because I get a horizontal scroll bar so that I can access the rightmost tabs.

However, in phone sized windows, where the nav section moves to the top of the page, there is no scroll bar and no way to access the two rightmost tabs.

I see that wrapping of tabs was suggested in 2019 (Tab Wrapping Request), is there now a way to enable this or work round the issue?

Many thanks,


Hi @PeterSimpson,

You can check my reply in this thread: Responsive tabs - #4 by korchev

Many thanks! :grinning: That solution works really well at modest widths, when the Nav section displays at the left of the page.

Unfortunately it doesn't work when the screen width decreases further and the Nav section turns into a hamburger menu at the top of the app. Is there a way to achieve the same effect in this scenario as well?

Best wishes, Peter