Radzen crash

My RadZen shuts off whenever I edit a property or an event for the second time. The log.txt has no entry line, Windows Events also has nothing on it. On another computer this doesn' t happen. How can I know why?

Can you reproduce this problem consistently? If yes - you can send your application's meta directory to info@radzen.com and we will try to troubleshoot.

Hello, I found another bug on Radzen.
When inserting a "Tabs" in a "Layouts", the objects contained inside the Tabs are not indexed in the "Outline". And when we modify a page, the objects in the "Tabs" are not locked like the rest of the elements of the "Layout" and if we click on these objects Radzen crash.

We are not able to reproduce that. Can you provide steps?

I can not post more pictures..

  • Add a "Tabs" in a layout

  • Add objects inside. (Add objects in the "Tabs" are not displayed in the "Outline")

  • Associate the "Layout" creates, to a "Page"

  • The objects of the "Layout" in the "Tabs" are not locked. So we can click on it.

  • This action does not please Radzen and he crash.

I am running into same crashing issue, when I open RadZen and just wait for few minutes it automatically closes RadZen, this is happening from today, before it was working perfectly.
Team can you please guide me how to solve this crashing issue?

Update: My problem was solved, I just disabled "Check for Updates" option.

This thread explains the problem: The application window crashes