The application window crashes

Here is the full wrap up:

  1. We released Radzen 2.44.7 on April 1st 2020. One of the changes was that we updated the code signing certificate. That certificate is used by Windows to verify the publisher of an application (it is a security feature).
  2. Unfortunately earlier versions of Radzen failed to update to 2.44.7 because of the updated certificate and crashed attempting to do so. We instructed people to manually download and install 2.44.7.
  3. Today (April 2nd) we released Radzen 2.44.8 and immediately found out that 2.44.7 fails to autoupdate as well. So will 2.44.8 by the way.
  4. To address the autoupdate issue we have just released 2.44.9. You still need to download it from our web site and install it. Hopefully this problem is solved for good.
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