Radzen Blazor Studio gradually becoming corrupted

I've had problems with Radzen Blazor Studio gradually becoming corrupted with use.
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but no improvement.
I don't even get the Radzen icon on the Windows Taskbar.
Projects tend to fail with unable to find file messages.
I was really pleased with Radzen Blazor Studio to start with, I successfully published a number of .NET 8 WebAssembly applications with database and Microsoft Identity to localhost.
Is there a resolution to this?

I'm not seeing corruption or anything like that, but the slowdown seems to be back...

Can you elaborate? What slowdown are you referring to?

This isn't a known issue. We need more details.

Since the last 3 updates, the Rendering interface has slowed down quite a bit...Basically a lag between command and execution...I have to stop working and let it catch up. The only way to stop it is to restart RBS. I am also seeing a lot more compile issues in the render window...ie...I get a render error, wait 60 seconds and it replaces the error with the correctly rendered page. My application has become quite complex, so I attributed to that, but I have created two simple applications as well and they do work more quickly, but still get the slow down after a short time(20 to 40 minutes).

Does installing any of the older versions fix the problem? If yes - let me know what is the last version that doesn't show this behavior. This would allow us to track the root cause.

We haven't done anything related to design time performance recently. Mostly fixes in the code generation.

I plan investigating today. I couldn't honestly say yet, I just noticed it more in the last 3 updates.

If I could make a suggestion...I think it would be beneficial to have a 'Build' button. Currently if an error occurs (even if its not a real errror) the only recourse is to "Run" the application, which effectively builds it. The debug capability has been awesome, but sometimes in the middle of programming, I just need to re-compile(build) the application.

I am not sure if I understand this. Please clarify.

It's caused by the lag. If I am typing some code, the render lags behind (sometimes by a lot) so the render see's my code as incorrect and tells me there is an error in the code and won't render...so I see the error message in the middle of the screen and it won't go away until I either run the application or just wait for it. It won't allow me to save the page either until after it catches up.. So my code is correct but the editor hasn't caught up so I get an error...

If I wait for it, it will eventually clear. Same thing occurs when I add a component to the page. Sometimes it won't even render the component until it catches up. This can also cause it to kind of lag out and stop rendering completely until it catches up.

This is definitely abnormal behavior. Are there any other running processes at the same time? Is the application itself running while you are editing the page? How big is the application? Ideally can you send us the code so we can test locally?

I often forget to stop the code running after I run it to test code. Not sure if its just me, but would be good if the Radzen stopped executing when you closed the browser, but I might be the only one who cares about that...My current application has 941269 lines of code and I have no background services or workers in this application, I decided early on to create a server application that handled most of my background service seperately. Also, I just thought of it...my database is running on a cloud server (the same server that runs the application when it's published)

I am happy to share the code, but it is pretty big. Also, if it helps, this is .net 8 Auto with PWA...

FYI, I can work around this, it isn't stopping me from coding, but I felt you would want to know...

There isn't a way for us to detect that unfortunately. We can't implement that.

Editing a running application (especially if it is a bigger one) would definitely lead to delays that are not necessarily caused by Radzen Blazor Studio. On every save the dotnet CLI has to rebuild the application, compute the difference with the executing assembly and then inject it in the running process (that is the so called "hot-reload" feature of .NET). This hot reload takes some time and consumes CPU cycles. This could lead to the delay you are seeing. You also mentioned that restarting RBS helps. Restarting also stops the running application which could explain that.

Does the delay happen when your application is not running? This is crucial to finding the cause of the problem. If the delay still happens even if your application is stopped then there is an issue with Radzen Blazor Studio and we would like to troubleshoot it further. Zip the source code of your app and exclude the bin and obj directories. Then the size should be a lot smaller and you can share it with us over email. Alternatively you can upload it to some cloud storage and share a download link with us.

Yes it happens when the application is not running...it's cumulative, the longer I am working the slower it gets, then I just stop what I am doing and restart. I'm doing some tests right now, before I send you anything...just want to make sure its not something I'm doing to cause the delay. I will report my findings within the next couple days and if it is something other than me, I will upload the application to my google account and share it with you... Thanks very much for your willingness to look into this!

Also test with an older version if you have the time.

Ok, so I went back to my last none good build 1.23.0...all worked fine, event worked ok when editing a page while running. Only time I noticed and slowdown was if I had more than 2 pages open for editing...that I get...especially if moving back and forth between pages.

Moved up to 1.24.0 Still worked fine, I could see some minor (very minor) lag in rendering.

Moved to 1.24.1 and then 1.24.2 and still seemed fine.

Moved to 1.24.3 and started to see some noticeable lag, waited several seconds for it to catch up on just a simple copy and paste...

Moved to 1.25.0 Really bogged down now and several second wait time between edits and if I have more that 1 page open, it's even more significant and I begin to get the errors I spoke of. Where it sees incomplete code and generates an error and when it catches up it goes away.

If I stay on one page and close it before running for testing and make sure I stop execution before opening another page, it is still laggy, but better.

Also of note, I didn't check this until I was back at 1.25.0 but on datagrids. If I disable paging and disable virtualization, I only get 10 rows (the default rows for pagination). I experimented with this a little and if I type in 200 rows, I get 200 rows, no paging, no virtualization. I know I should implement one or the other, but I still think it might not be intended to work that way.

That is where I am right now....1.24.3 seems to be where it starts to have the rendering issue... And I don't know where the row issue started, I just have 1 datagrid that is not paginated or virtualized and I noticed this issue with the row count.

Hope this helps...Going to do some more digging tomorrow..

On a side note, I just implemented hangfire as was suggested in the community in a .net 8 blazor server application using RBS and it works fantastically and coding it in RBS was a breeze!!!