Radzen Blazor Studio gradually becoming corrupted

I just checked the logs and the only design time change that could affect performance has been introduced with 1.24.2. It is this one:

  • Show collection property grid editors for inherited components e.g. RadzenDataGrid.

In 1.25.0 we have introduced changes in the code editing. One kicks in when overriding methods and the other is just reducing certain server calls (it is supposed to improve perfomance so I don't really suspect it).

So can you send us your application code? Also tell us how to reproduce the lags. It is either the change introduced in 1.24.2 or the code editing changes that shipped with 1.25.0.

Yes I will share it later today...I am going to try one more thing. Since I have my data stored on a cloud server and am editing it locally, maybe that has an affect. I am going to try building an app completely locally and see what that does...

Note: If I am working in a completely untouched CRUD page generated by RBS, I only have a problem when I do big edits. Case in point: I have a CRUD I set up that is simply a data entry point for monthly goals. When generated there are a large number of columns that don't need to be in the grid, only need to be in the add/edit pages. Instead of trying to delete the columns one by one, I just went into the code and deleted the entire group of grid columns I did not need...It took the renderer quite awhile to catch up as I think it was trying to render after each column removal...and after that everything just slowed to a crawl...

If you deleted all columns at once (single delete) then it would take only one render. If you delete the columns one by one - it would render after every change.

I would have expected that, but that isn't what happened...there was quite a delay...I'm building a new test application right now...

The problem was that my Radzen Blazor Studio was being backed up on my OneDrive duplicating everything. Its fixed now. I was very happy with Radzen Blazor Studio, and all my teething problems appear to be related to this :slight_smile: