Radzen blazor steps component

I have 3 challenges with the steps component.
1- Is it possible to change the Next text of the last Next button on the last step?
2. Can the last Next button be a Submit button for the form?
3. OnInvalidSubmit is not working on Templateform which has steps in it.

Kindly assist

Any ideas on this query

Hi @Sammy,

You can set the ShowStepsButtons property to false and use your own custom buttons with the desired text and button type (submit or button). OnInvalidSubmit fires only during form submission. It won't fire when you are changing the steps.

Thanks for your reply, I will try it out.
I had actually put another Submit button, but it wasn't firing OnInvalidSubmit, though it is firing Submit. I had placed it outside the Steps but inside the TemplateForm.

ShowStepsButtons is not available for the blazor components

It is available. Make sure you are using an up-to-date version.

I am using version 3.18.14, and I dont seem to find that parameter.

Where are you looking at? I've linked the source code. It is available in Radzen

and listed in Visual Studio's autocomplete ...

Am not using Radzen, am just using the Blazor components.

On another note, how do I add Horizontal scrollbars on a data grid?

Hello, kindly assist how to add scrollbars on the data grid.

This is demonstrated in the very first demo of the DataGrid component. You need to either set the ColumnWidth property or set the Width of individual columns.

thanks for your reply. So i noticed that the scrollbars are there but not visible, i guess i need to maybe change background

Hello sir,,
This option is not available in free Step component for Blazor, there is no way to hide the last button on steps component.

I've linked the source code which implements this property and also showed it in Visual Studio's autocomplete. The property exists :slight_smile: Perhaps you are looking for something else.

I have set Width and ColumnWidth of Grid and columns but still the scrollbars are not visisble, what could be the issue? I am able to drag horizontally but its just white(scrollbar are not visible ) like in your demo.

It could be scrollbar styling. Check this thread how to disable it Don't style the scrollbar - #2 by korchev

Okay, will try it out.