Don't style the scrollbar

I'm using Radzen components for Blazor but it has a negative affect of styling the scrollbar. I don't want that and everything I am trying in CSS is failing to clear the ::-webkit-scrollbar-* settings. I don't want the default that is coming from default.css coming from the Radzen component.

We will introduce a new CSS class that when applied to the body will prevent scrollbar styling.

<body class="rz-default-scrollbars">

I will post here when Radzen.Blazor has been updated.

For an immediate workaround you would need to use a local copy of the theme CSS file instead of the embedded one and delete all ::--webkit-scrollbar stuff.

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@timheuer the current version of Radzen.Blazor should contain the aforementioned CSS class. Add it to your <body> element to prevent the scrollbar styling.

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