RADZEN Angular trial, lots of questions!

Hello from Athens.
Just started a trial - 2nd time I see RADZEN, a colleague also tried it last spring.

Trying to assess suitability for our small app, 12-16 tables in postgreSQL backend, mostly data entry (very few updates/deletes) and uploading of digital files in backend file system. Later continuous multi-criteria search by people on the field for appropriate records and downloading of “attached” files (manuals, installation processes, etc.)

Ah, and it should also be multilingual, greek, German, English and potentially ... arabic!

So, after 2 days to reacquaint with the mess we created during last springs trial, here are request fir some pointers.

1. We will be Using a 3rd party, probably commercial component for file uploading. Any Suggested best practice for integration with RADZEN app?

I am familiar with the “custom component” part of the docs, and have seen n article about integrating a 3rd party charting component. The daunting part is the need to create the RADZEN component that will “host” the file upload 3rd party component. We practically need to “create” a carbon copy” of all and outputs we plan to use correct?

If so this trial will also be over before we manage! (SOB).

We have used the syncfusion file upload component and it us perfect for this job but also
It is probably too much to recreate!

Any pointers to a process/how-to or similar to try and do it in the next 2 weeks?

Failing any easy way to use the syncfusion file upload component, is there any small, simple self-contained drag-and-drop file upload component that has been successfully integrated in RADZEN?

  1. For Search, we use multiple user-selected criteria (page parameters), set the ALL as filters and then create in the back-end application the search string by including only the non-null, changed properties and discarding the “undefined” ones. Works like a charm!
    Is this or anything similar suggested by you guys?

  2. There is a need for displaying on small screens (smartphones) the results of the aforementioned search. The “search” page is already cluttered with our 9-15 criteria. Our result grid is bellow thus be then fir downloading files we open another dialogue page with a small grid on it. Too busy and too cluttered!!!

Any suggestion on how we can select/enter all the search criteria and then display the result on a new page?

Kind regards,


Hi @GregMu,

I am afraid I don't understand most of your post. Please split it in multiple threads and follow our forum FAQ with more details. Right now we can't do much to help.

Ok, will do.
Sorry for the long "intro".