New video: Three level hierarchy DataGrid using complex $expand parameter

Hey folks,

I've just published new video on how to create three level hierarchy DataGrid using complex $expand parameter like Orders.OrderDetails:

Each child grid is placed in the Template of the parent grid with Data property bound to the child collection using property binding picker.


Having trouble taking this to a four level hierarchy. Is this possible? If so, what's the trick?

The one-to-many data hierarchy is Patient - Visits - Orders - Results. The three level hierarchy works perfectly up to the Orders level. How do I declare the visits.orders.results value for the $expand parameter?

Hi, I think this is not working anymore.
I think it has to do with the latest OData changes on microsoft.

Or maybe it just works for the Blazor Server version.. which I guess would use linq include instead.

I think it's related to this How do I expand to second level - #4 by korchev

so my guess is we should use the dot notation for Blazor Server and the nested ($expand..) notation for ODATA sources

Hey @Paulo_Chang,

This thread is for Blazor server and indeed this is the correct syntax that still works. For OData service you should use Orders($expand=OrderDetails).

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Thanks, It would be great to have that somewhere in the docs :slight_smile:

My fields are not visible on autogenerate on the third level.
My DB (MySQl - MAriaDB) is Transmission.TranmissionLevels.TransmissionRooms.TransmissonSurfaces.
I start on a pages with data from the Transmission the data grid has data : transmission.TransmissionLevels and a second grid (template) data.TransmissionRooms.
then the columns are empty and the autogenerate wil not work.