Autogenerate not creating columns

I have an application that requires a 3-level DataGrid hierarchy. I began by trying to duplicate the results of this video: New video: Three level hierarchy DataGrid using complex $expand parameter

When I get to the step to autogenerate columns (at the 2:01 time mark on the video) nothing happens -- no columns are created. Has something changed in Razden Profession that now requires an additional step?

I am using Northwind database in MS SQL Server 2019, Razden Pro 2.56.9, and created a server-side Blazor projects using .Net 5.

Hi @jelion,

This turned out to be a regression from another fix. We will fix that with the next Radzen release.

Thanks for reporting it!

I can confirm that this is now working in the latest release. Thank you!

I have a follow-on question. Is it possible to have 2 datagrids at the 3rd level?

I have Table A that is the Master, with Table B as the Detail. At the third level, there are two tables that hold various details for Table B (let's call those Table C1 and Table C2).

Following the instructions on the video referenced in my original post, everything works perfectly when only C1 is reference. The reference is done in the $expand parameter of Table A's Load Event (Invoke Data Source) to B.C1

But I can't get it to work to set that $expand parameter to B.C1,B.C2 (thereby filling up detail tables C1 and C2). Is there a way to day this?

I am afraid I don't understand your question. You can send us your application as well as DB schema to and we will try to figure it out.