MSSQL Crud tables duplicates data

Using the MSSQL inferr Option for the datasource with .net core 2 and c# I am getting odd
results. specifically duplicating data for each page. I used postman to connect to the
service and it does return duplicates, if I change the $top from to 100 it will return 100
copies of the first row. if I click on the paging to go to page 2 I will get 10 copies of the next record.

I tried creating a blank page and created a service inferred from the MSSQl and it will just

Could I be missing something in my MSSQL setup ?

Hi @cmhdev,

Does this happen with SQL views only? If yes - it is a known problem. We are currently looking for a way to address that entity framework limitation within Radzen.

Hi @cmhdev,

We’ve just released Radzen 2.6.8 with included fix for duplicate records from SQL view or table without primary key. The new version will be downloaded on next Radzen start.

Best Regards,

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Great! Thank you very much.