Lookuppopup becomes gray when try to search


when I try to search in a lookuppopup, it becomes gray and it does not work anymore. It happens also when there are only about 50 elements in it. D you have an idea why it does not work?

Thanks, Markus

Hi Markus,

Do you have any errors in the browser console/ Radzen output pane?

No. Not in Radzen, no errors in the browser console

Can you post a screenshot how it looks like? Also what code/request is executed on search (browser network tab)?

There is no network communication.

When I load the screen, I invoke a datasource method that returns IDs and the displaynames and save it as a property. ThenI bind this property to the "data" property in the column of the form, selected text and value property.
When I run the page, I see that one of the sources is loaded in 169ms. When searching, there is not additional network traffic. When clicking on the search button, the list only turns in gray.

Please send us your app (at info@radzen.com) to test locally what's going on.

Is it helpful for you although you cannot access the API?

Well, I'll check how the lookup is bound and will try to recreate your database schema if you cannot send it.

Ok. We will try it first with the application. I cannot make the API with the data public. It contains user data.

Hi Markus,

I've noticed that LoadData event of your lookuppopup field is not attached. This component cannot search in-memory and you need to invoke a data-source method. You can do it conditionally in the Form LoadData event similar to our auto-generated CRUD pages, or you can convert the Form to TemplateForm and use DropDownDataGrid event directly: