Lookup Value from Data Grid

I am trying to build a data grid. I have an ID field for Supplier ID. For the data grid, I want it to display the Supplier name instead of the Supplier ID. So in short a lookup to Supplier table. Is this possible?

Hi russ356,

If your data-source is OData V4, MS SQL or MySQL and you have relationship between the entities Radzen will create lookup column automatically.

Please check for example our OData article:

Sorry, I should have explained what I am looking for. The client wants multiple buttons that can do the same thing. For example, it’s a simple inventory app. So they select the part they want to edit, then at the top are a series of buttons. Received, Dispose, Damaged, etc… So when they click Received, it will open the form, with the Part = Part from data grid and status = “Received”. So all they have to do is enter a quantity.

So my question is can I reference the data grid Part ID and send it to a form to pre populate the field?

Hi russ356,

If you are looking on how to open or navigate to pages with parameters please check my reply in your other thread about DataGrid selected item.

Here is also how pass a parameter from a Button Click event:

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