Keyboard navigation and accessibility for components, esp ListBox w searchbox


I'm struggling to get navigation and accessibility to work for the ListBox.

The following, I have tried also in the sample page at

I can navigate with arrow up and down through a listbox's list. I can tab to the next listbox and its search text field. But, I can't navigate backwards with Shift-Tab. How can I do this?

Also, I can't reach the check all/uncheck all checkbox with keyboard navigation. How can I do this?

If I would be able to reach the check all/uncheck all checkbox, how can I show that it has focus? Will its container get ui-state-highlight?

What are the plans for improving accessibility for ListBox and other Blazor components?

Shift-Tab works pretty good on my end using Chrome on our demos. Reaching the check all/uncheck all checkbox with keyboard navigation is not planned for upcoming updates.

Strange, I even tried Chrome incognito and it still doesn't go back with Shift-Tab on the page (using Swedish locale, Chrome Version 87.0.4280.66 (Officiell version) (64 bitar)). With focus on search textbox, first Shift-Tab moves focus somewhere where I can't see, second Shift-Tab moves it back to the same search textbox. Can you direct me to a different demo, that works?

Really would like to get improved accessibility for the controls as a tip for future versions. My customer's are picky about that.


Hi @morgan.nyman,

I recommend reviewing our FAQ when it comes to feature requests.

Thanks, I have read the FAQ.

Does anyone besides med have this problem, that Shift-Tab doesn't work? If anyone can show med an example that works I would be grateful.