Introducing the brand new RadzenDataGrid

Hi guys,

I am happy to share the latest addition to the Radzen Blazor components - the brand new RadzenDataGrid. @enchev made a good recap of the new features in this blog post.

What's new

Lot's of new features - virtualization support, frozen columns, API improvements. It is also a completely new development - it does not replace the existing RadzenGrid component.

Differences with the existing RadzenGrid


The API is mostly the same. There are changes in some event arguments and the tag names - RadzenDataGrid and RadzenDataGridColumn vs. RadzenGrid and RadzenGridColumn.


<RadzenGrid TItem="Customer" Data=@customers>
      <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="CustomerName" />


<RadzenDataGrid TItem="Customer" Data=@customers>
      <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="CustomerName" />


The new RadzenDataGrid utilizes a novel rendering approach that relies on position: sticky to support frozen columns and table headers. Those features are available only on modern browsers though so IE 11 isn't supported.

Availability in Radzen

We plan to integrate RadzenDataGrid in Radzen (in any new applications or new pages created with the CRUD page template).

The fate of the existing RadzenGrid

We will no longer add new features to RadzenGrid - we recommend using RadzenDataGrid for new development. At some point we will deprecate RadzenGrid and probably remove it one of the next major versions.


ContainsText, EqualsText and other ...Text Properties not working.

Thanks for the report! The fix is already in the master branch - it will be released in our next update early next week.

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