DataGrid: New vs Legacy

The DataGrid has changed and is different from what it used to be with different properties. My existing datagrids have not inherited the new properties. When I add a new grid though, there is no option to add the older grid which is referred to in the documentation as Grid (legacy)...

I also have an issue with the new grid I did not have with the former one: though I set the grid as having no border it displays with a border.

I have pages with several grids and I now have a mix of old #grids and new #datagrids on them...

Hi @semafox,

Indeed as we announced last month the new DataGrid will replace the legacy grid in the toolbox and newly created pages using Radzen templates however all existing pages will remain with the legacy grid. You can still however work normally with your existing pages with the legacy grid using Radzen property grid or you can even change the type of the legacy grid to the new data grid and vice versa in meta json:

In the next update later this week we will expose the legacy grid in the toolbox as Grid (legacy) and you will be able to drag & drop it to your pages. The border problem fixed immediately: