Input field issue in popup

Hello Radzen,

I have issue in input field!

i create a popup and this popup contains input field, when i write anything in input field.
i cannot see any character. its like the input is disabled , but it dosnt make disabled

Please post example code demonstrating the problem.

Thank you very much for quick replay this code to show the popup


see ! i cannot write anything in textbox but i can just make copy/past
but if i want to write any text in textbox , i cannot do that

I'm afraid that I'm unable to run screenshot of code. Please post runnable code along with DuplicatePolicyDialog content.

in DuplicatePolicyDialog => its blazor component i just put the html Content

in previous screen shoot "C# Code" to show the popup
and when i show popup i just appear popup contains textbox

=====> And this issue happen for input textbox + textarea

but in other control its work 100%

No idea what this means. If you want to get help provide as much information as possible. Otherwise we are wasting each other's time.

Ok thank you :slight_smile:
no problem tell me what do you want

We already did:

I recommend checking our forum FAQ for tips how to improve your question.

We need to know what your application is (server, web assembly), how do you register the dialog service, do you use prerendering or not, what is the interactivity mode of the application. So many important things that we can't just guess from a single screenshot. The simplest way to share this is to create a sample application and host it on github.

Definitely cannot be replicated in our demos: