Important: Radzen and Angular 11

@mumfie, we updated the beta build links with a fix for this issue.

Is there anyone testing the current Beta
I have been testing it with a large application and found no show stoppers, also trying it in production after testing the application to get user feedback as well, would be great to get this live before dotnet 5 is released

A few of the customers who have the most Angular deployments haven't reported yet. We are not comfortable with releasing it officially as it may break a lot of existing applications. Meanwhile I will release an updated beta today which is up to date with the latest features.

UPDATE: The download link for Windows has been updated.

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Today the Angular team released Angular 11 which makes this beta release obsolete. Considering the time it took us to prepare the Angular 10 support we can't commit with a deadline for a new build that supports Angular 11. I will update this thread once there is any more info. All that I know is that we will not release officially Angular 10 support now that there is a newer version.

I have updated the Radzen beta with a new version - beta 6 (we skipped beta 5). It now comes with Angular 11 support. Fortunately the upgrade took us less time than anticipated and we didn't hit any issues.

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Radzen beta-6 compiles with this message:

ng-cli: Your global Angular CLI version (11.0.2) is greater than your local version (10.0.7). The local Angular CLI version is used.

Check if your application has a node_modules directory (it probably does and contains an older version of the angular cli - 10.0.7). Radzen Beta 6 ships with Angular Cli 11.0.2.