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I have a great line of business application made in lightswitch silverlight client and would like to migrate to Radzen, I learned lightswitch watching Beth Massi's "How Do I Video Series" and I was able to completely master the development with the lightswitch.

In Radzen there are no videos in this format, it would be of immense help to all if you create a "How Do I Video Series for Radzen", I am leaving a link here where you have all the videos "How Do I Video Series for Lightswitch" for each video of this you could create an equivalent for Radzen.

Thank you

"How Do I Video Series for Lightswitch":


Thanks @marden!

While we have some videos the ones you have linked provide great value as a getting started material. We will use them as a basis for our future content creation plans.

You can subscribe to our youtube channel so you get a notification when we add a new video.


Hello @korchev,

I'm already subscribed to your channel :slight_smile:
I want Radzen to get better and better

Thank you.


I agree with this - The videos that are currently available do not teach how to do the things that need to be done. Please consider making more instructive videos like the ones suggested here.


Could you elaborate more on "the things that need to be done"? Which videos from the list above should we make first?


Marden gave some excellent suggestions here with he video series he referenced. I have seen the same type of "How-To" videos on just about every type of platform, language, software that I have used. It makes it very easy for the novice user to know what parameters can be adjusted, the proper syntax to use, and where to put the code to make things work.

The type of thing you assisted me with earlier today, "lookup functionality" - and easy solution, but if you don't know where to find the proper parameter to alter, and what to write in the box, it seems very daunting.

I think you have a great product here, but I think it will grow exponentially when you give your users something to think about, and some good instruction on how to do - whatever they need to do.

Currently, the only a very few of the videos you have posted have a voice to explain what is being done, and the ones that do go so fast you couldn't possibly keep up if you wanted to. The others are only music, and again, the quality is so low that you really cannot see the very tiny mouse zipping from place to place very quickly - and you cannot learn or understand what is going on.

I'm not complaining - your product is amazing, but I think many people will benefit from instructional videos that cover some very basic - and even some very advanced techniques - so that the user can see what is possible, and how to do it.

Just my 2 cents.


100% agree with this. As a non developer I used all the videos and samples from LightSwitch to create a Silverlight based application that we use to manager our business. But trying to recreate the same type of application so far in Radzen is proving beyond my capabilities. Development is not my normal full time job so having examples/videos of simple (for someone that knows how) task would help build the skills to create the whole application. For example I would love to have a page that shows a record for a selected "Contact" from our database that shows each related tables information in a separate tab on that same page.

Thanks Dave


Hey folks,

You asked for more learning materials and we will deliver! Here are the videos that we plan to work on:

  1. Connect to data.
  2. Display and format data.
  3. Sort, filter and page.
  4. Edit, delete and add new records.
  5. Master/detail.
  6. Lookup data.
  7. Setup security.
  8. Handle concurrency.
  9. Cascade delete.
  10. Deploy your application.
  11. Pass a parameter to a page.
  12. Customize navigation.
  13. Create a search screen.
  14. Set default values when adding new records.
  15. Write validation rules with business logic.
  16. Add calculated field.
  17. Display joined data from multiple tables.
  18. Conditional formatting.
  19. Export to Excel and CSV.
  20. Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.
  21. Display many to many.

Stay tuned!

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Hi @enchev,

Great news, I liked all the topics covered


Hey @marden,

Glad you liked the topics - we will add more in the future!

Here is the first one:


Hi @enchev,
Thank you very much, I'll see all the videos that are coming out


Hey folks,

The second video was just released together with new FormatString property for DataGrid columns:

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We've just published Sort, filter and page data using Radzen!

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Two more videos just published!


New video about lookup data published


Setup security video just added as well:


Another video was just added!


Cascade delete video added:


How to deploy to IIS, FTP and ZIP added as well: