How Do I Video Series for Radzen

He folks,

We have now dedicated page for video tutorials and we will update it with every new added video!

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Three new videos added!

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New video was just published on how to add default values when adding new records:

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I've just added new video about validation:

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How to add calculated property video added as well:

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New video added on how to return joined data from multiple tables:

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Video about conditional formatting just published:

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Video about how to export your data to Microsoft Excel and CSV just added:


Just added video about SQL Server Reporting Services:

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Video about many-to-many added:

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Vladimir - Thank You for the videos. They covered the common 80% I need to make radzen v. useful.

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Hey folks,

Just added new video about recently released property picker dialog:

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Video about cascading lookup fields in Form component when adding new records just published:

Hi Vlad,
One more Video request ... would you demonstrate how to upload a document in a record adding form and how to make it downloadable from the grid. I know you guys covered that with pictures but I am talking about (pdf, doc, xlsx .. etc ) .. Thanks in advance.

Great idea, @hany! I’ll do my best to upload such video soon!

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Thanks Vlad!
That will be a life saver.
I'll be really looking forward to this.

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Very same for me. Look and feel of Radzen is great but as soon as something needs to be done, problems hit. Eg, in a dropbox, how to show values from a field in a table ??? didn't find it. With regrets, at this stage, best plan is to go for a low-code platform where it is easier to progress by just replicating what can be found in videos or tutorials.

By addressing the needs of people who are computer-savvy but not developers, you will significantly expand your addressable market.



HI @FredK_Trashmail,

Did you check the dropdown documentation? It shows how to data-bind it and display fields from a database.


Yes but did not manage to understand how to get a DataGrid with, for some of the fields, dropdowns pre-populated with values already existing in that table. Any detailed step by step video or tutorial would help. This is exactly the point of the discussion: you would create a bigger market for yourself if you had support addressing people who know very little.

Was advised to use Blazor and not Angular.


As far as I understand you want something that Radzen does out of the box via the DataGrid Inline edit page template (accessible from the new page button). The only requirement is that that tables need to have foreign key relationship.

I am closing this topic as it has diverged from the original intent. Feel free to start new forum threads.