Grid grouping doesnt work in blazor client

I am using version 3.11.6 in blazor client
Datagrid Grouping doesnt work
It doesnt detect AllowGrouping
Could not find GroupHeaderTemplate

If these properties are not available you are not using the latest version.

I already updated it to the latest version.
As mentioned, the version is 3.11.6

For me it doesnt show up. Please find the below images.
My version: 3.11.6
Env: Blazor Client

You are using our legacy RadzenGrid while grouping is available on RadzenDataGrid. Pick also forum category properly for your questions.

Alright. I noticed it just now and have been using this in my entire project. Thank you.

How long can I use RadzenGrid?
Will it be removed completely in future release?

If I need to move to RadzenDataGrid are the only change in RadzenDataGrid and RadzenDataGridColumn tag names.

We recommend you migrate to RadzenDataGrid. We don't plan to add new features to RadzenGrid.

It will be removed in a future major update of Radzen.Blazor. We don't have an exact timeframe for that.

Check here: Introducing the brand new RadzenDataGrid

Is there any plan for rtl language support for RadzenDataGrid